Onsite Chemical Generation
Autonomous Synthesis and Delivery
There are several chemicals which have excellent performance but suffer from stability, reactivity, or low concentrations that prevent their wide scale industrial use. Terrasimco specializes in designing building and implementing on-site generation equipmetn to midigate these limitations. Our process are fully automatic and run for extended periods without maintenace or supervision. The addition of our telemetry services allow remote to see in real time what is happen in the process and also provide predicitive failure prevention.
Design and Fabrication
  • Fully automated
  • Minimal onsite maintenance
  • Continuous and batch processes
  • UL - CSA certified equipment
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Higher efficacy products
  • Simplifed logistics
Automation & Telemetry
  • DCS integration standard
  • Webpage status and useage
  • Email and SMS alarming
  • Automatic totalizer/useage report