Paper Process Equipment
Chemical Feed and Dosing
We design and build both custom and standard chemial feed, delivery, and transfer equipment used in the paper industry. Our equipment excells in the demanding conditions and performance requiments of the paper industry. With automatic changeover to standby systems Terrasimco equipment provides elimiates machine disruptions. The additon of our Telemetry systems allows monitoring and control from both DCS and a remote website interface.
Dosign & Control
  • Standard & custom designs
  • All Stailness contsruction
  • Wide variety of flows and chemistries
  • UL - CSA certified equipment
Rapid Response
  • Stocked spares for standard pumps
  • 24 hour delivery for most parts
  • Moyno, Seepex, rotors stators same day shipping
Automation & Telemetry
  • DCS integration standard
  • Webpage status and useage
  • Email and SMS alarming
  • Automatic totalizer/useage report