Remote Monitoring, Access, and Control
Process Visability - Anywhere
Terrasimco's innovative telemetry system allow for remote equipment to be monitored anywere through a secure web interface. This allows engineers to monitor and trouble shoot equipment remotely, sales to monitor useage and billing, and management to see overall system performance. Each customer is provided with a custom secure web interface specifically designed for thier proccess so realtime diagnositcs, useage, and performance data can be visualized. Utilizing hardwire, cellular, and satellite connections there is virutually no process we cannot monitor.
Real Time Visualization
  • Typical updates 1-5min
  • Grapical historical trending
  • Batch parameter recording
  • Customized inteface for easy viewing
Access from Anywhere
  • Secure website
  • View from PC, phone or tablet
  • Cellular, Satellite connections
Alarming and Usage
  • Recieve alarm by emial and SMS messages
  • Sales can monitor chemcial usage and billing remotely
  • Automatic chemical usege reports
  • Predicive failure analysis