Waste Water
Equipment and Chemistries
Terrasimco provides high quality chemical dosing and control equipment to waste water processing plants. Our equipment is specifically designed for high reliability in harsh envioments. Our dosing equipment is meant to be integrated together so chemical conditions can be controlled at optimal levels continously without operator intevention. This system dramatically reduces chemical cosumption and cost.
Dosign & Control
  • Standard & custom designs
  • All Stailness contsruction
  • Wide variety of flows and chemistries
  • UL - CSA certified equipment
Rapid Parts
  • Stocked spares for standard pumps
  • 24 hour delivery for most parts
  • Moyno, Seepex, rotors stators same day shipping
Automation & Telemetry
  • DCS integration standard
  • Webpage status and useage
  • Email and SMS alarming
  • Automatic totalizer/useage report